01 Oct 2012 AWED applied in the EU IP project A4Cloud (Accoutability for the Cloud)
07 Mar 2011 Structured and flexible gray-box composition using invasive distributed patterns was published in the International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems
01 Nov 2010 AWED applied in the ANR project CESSA for secure web service composition
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Aspects with Explicit Distribution (AWED)

Aspects with Explicit Distribution is an approach for the implementation of crosscutting functionalities in distributed applications, which has been developed in cooperation between the ASCOLA group, at Ecole des Mines Nantes, and members from VUB's JAsCo team. Its unique in that it provides an aspect language with mechanisms for the following sets of features for distributed programming:

  • Remote pointcuts, supporting in particular remote sequence pointcuts and a notion of groups of hosts.
  • Distributed advice, which can be executed synchronously or asynchronously on hosts different from the host where the corresponding pointcut is matched.
  • Distributed aspects supporting state sharing and notions of distributed aspect instances and deployment.


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