01 Oct 2012 AWED applied in the EU IP project A4Cloud (Accoutability for the Cloud)
07 Mar 2011 Structured and flexible gray-box composition using invasive distributed patterns was published in the International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems
01 Nov 2010 AWED applied in the ANR project CESSA for secure web service composition
11 Oct 2010 Structured and flexible gray-box composition: application to task rescheduling for grid benchmarking was published in the IADIS International Conference on Applied Computing
26 May 2010 Travel Planner example based on AOSD'09 paper added
26 May 2010 Release 1.0. Refactoring and version promotion
09 Mar 2010 Tutorial added: chat client
01 Fev 2010 AWED 0.9.9 released
31 Jan 2010 New version of the website

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