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Travel Planner Example

This example shows how a simple Travel Planner Billing concern can be modelled via distributed aspects expressed in AWED.


In a nutshell, a client-server system travel agencies is used to book travel packages which include a flight and hotel reservation. Weather information is included as an extra for the client. First the client specifies the constraints in flights and hotels, then some candidate reservations are showed. Finally the client choses the best package and the Billing is done via Distributed Aspects who act in each one of the confirmation phases (flight, hotel), but not in the weather server (as this information is free). Further information can be found in the original AOSD'09 paper Expressive Scoping of Distributed Aspects.

The billing concern is implemented in three different ways. One using simple atomic aspects, one using sequences (stateful aspects) and the last one using distributed sequences.

Download and Execution

The scenario with a ready to use Makefile that prepares the compiles the Aspects, weaves them and executes the different servers via RMI can be downloaded here. You need to have already installed the Java Development Kit version 5 or superior. The AWED standalone compiler and it's dependencies are included in the archive.

To execute the servers (It will automatically weave the aspects and execute the RMI registries): make runservices

To execute the client: make runclient

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